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HOUSTON – February 27, 2018 – CooperativePlus CEO and Founder, Don McCormick, announced its redesigned website is live. Previously known as Patient/Physician Cooperatives, the newly rebranded nonprofit organization is unveiling the website with its sleek, renewed look to better represent its modern, fresh approach to wellness..

“Our updated site includes changes in navigation, with easy access menu options for each of the organization’s five audiences: individuals seeking more information, CooperativePlus members, providers, employers, and agents,” said McCormick. “We divided our site content into these five areas to help users get from one place to the next in a streamlined manner. We also tailored a set of Frequently Asked Questions for each group to make it easier to find information.”

The blog and press pages are just one click away, and there is ample opportunity to get in touch. Fully optimized with mobile and desktop versions, the home page features a brief introductory video for those who prefer that medium. Member access to a professional Patient Advocate is even easier.

“Our focus on the needs of the patient member will always be at the forefront of our efforts,” says McCormick. That includes providing a professional patient advocate to help establish members’ healthcare plans and pre-negotiate the cost of any required procedures or hospital stays. This priceless benefit allows members to concentrate on getting well instead of trying to figure out how to navigate the complex healthcare system.”

McCormick added, “We hope you enjoy the changes. Be sure to like us on Facebook or Twitter, — we look forward to your response.”

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About CooperativePlus

CooperativePlus is a comprehensive healthcare system starting with a group of physicians, health practitioners, and patients working together to provide access to affordable healthcare. Contracts for medical services are made directly between the patient and physician members. CooperativePlus has effectively eliminated the red tape that acts as a barrier to providing patients with high quality care. This is accomplished through a comprehensive model that incorporates medical discount programs along with a variety of association, group or employer-sponsored insurance options. Unlike traditional insurance companies, CooperativePlus has no exclusions for age (under 65), income, or pre-existing conditions. There are many plans from which to select. For details visit

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